Original Sin – Marvel Event Press Conference

Marvel Comics recently held a press conference about the next big Marvel Events – Original Sin. The press conference featured writer Jason Aaron and Senior Marvel Editor Tom Brevoort.

What is Original Sin?

Original sin is an eight issue comic book event spanning the entire Marvel Universe. Writer Aaron describes it as a murder mystery that spans the entire Marvel Universe. Unlike past Marvel Events, Original Sin is not a cosmic event where world collide, but it’s an event that will touch every mainstream Marvel character in a deeply personal and emotion way.

Original Sin Issue 1 starts on the moon where the Watcher, Uatu, is found dead and discovered by Thor. When Captain America, original Nick Fury and the Avengers arrive, they discover that Alien technology has been stolen and the eyes of the Watcher have been removed and stolen as well.

What the eyes of the Watcher store are every secret and skeleton in the Marvel Universe and the killer will reveal these secrets in a giant bomb of information. Brevoort describes is as the worst secret held by TSA and TMZ. Watch exactly did the Watcher see and witness over the years.

Issue 2 ignites an explosion of information and its revelations will have a profound impact on everyone.

The eight issues of Original Sin will solve the murder mystery of “Who Killed the Watcher.” Who has the eyes? Why does he/she want all these secret exposed?  It is one complete story and you do not have to read the tie-ins.

There will be two teams of investigators. The public team will consist of Captain America, Nick Fury and the Avengers. They will follow the clues from the deepest caverns of earth to the far reaches of the cosmos, as well as a trip to alternate universes.

While the public follows the Avengers, there will also be secret team of investigators. Unlikely heroes will pair up including: Emma frost and Ant-Man, Winter Soldier and Gamora, Dr. Strange and Punisher. Who dares team-up with Deadpool?

What will happen in the tie-ins?

While the 8-issue core story attempts to solve the murder. The tie-in books will involve the repercussions of his secrets revealed. Every major character will have to face the question, what happens when your worst secret is revealed. The revelations of these secrets will change the life of every Marvel characters in a drastic way. It may change the way characters relate and feel about themselves and one another going forward.

For example, Captain America will learn that someone close to him has tampered with his memories and he doesn’t know who it is. Spider-man learns that someone else was bit by the same spider-man at the lab from issue 1. The identity of this character will be revealed and takes us on a journey to the very beginning of Spider-Man.

Thor, who discovers the Watcher’s body, his secret will impact not only his own book but the Loki series as well. Other stories include Nova, Fantastic Four and Deadpool. No mainstay will be left untouched.

Other revelations

Regarding Nick Fury, now that his son is taking more of a prominent role in S.H.I.E.L.D., Will this this be a swan song for the old Nick Fury? Breevort cryptically says if you want to feel this way, then feel this way.

The story of Original Sin has been floating around the Marvel offices since Fear Itself. When delving into the deepest, darketest secrets of the Marvel universe, editors had a concern that they might break a character too much. But that’s what makes compelling storytelling, creators were encouraged to head into dangerous territory and attack the core of who they are and what makes them who they are.

What secrets would be revealed? They were all discussed during the Marvel Retreats. It was up to creative team to give Aaron what secret they wanted revealed.

Watcher’s family will be addressed in Mighty Avengers tie-In.

Expect a big fight in issue 1 and another in issue 2.

8 issues twice a month from May to August, plus a zero issue about the Watcher and Nova by Mark Wade and Jim Cheung. It will reveal secrets about the Watcher and Nova perfect for anyone not familiar with the Watcher.

Why kill the Watcher? It was a compelling way to reveal the deepest darkest secrets of the Marvel Universe. There are two eyes and they will both come into play.
Issue #1 will have 8 variant covers from the best artist at Marvel.

ORIGINAL SIN #4 – Variant Cover by BUTCH GUICE
ORIGINAL SIN #6 – Variant Cover by PAUL RENAUD
ORIGINAL SIN #7 – Variant Cover by MIKE MCKONE
ORIGINAL SIN #8 – Variant Cover by JUNG-SIK AKN

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