Defiantly Independent ‘Dances with Films’ Comes to Hollywood until June 8

As you know, the Geek Lab has been hitting the Southern California film festival circuit starting with the Newport Beach Film Festival. We continue to encourage you to step out from the safe Big Studio movies and champion the cause of the little guy with the small budget.

“Dances with Film” is the next big opportunity to try a different kind of movie. “Dances with Film” was formed in 1998 by a group of filmmakers who envisioned a festival where “who you know” didn’t matter, only the quality of the work. The name is a play on all of the ‘dance’ film festivals popping up here and there across the nation.

Although you may not see any big name stars and filmmakers at DWF, you will see upcoming-and-coming stars and filmmakers. Since its inception, DWF remains the only film festival in the U.S. solely geared to unknowns…no “known” actors, directors, producers or writers within our competition slate. While there are several festivals across the country that have taken up a portion of this charge, this is DWF’s very foundation.

“Two Step” is one of the unique elements of the festival. For the seventh year, 8 filmmakers will be give 4 hours each to make a 2-minute movie. Filmmakers first submitted a script for final selection. The selected contestants will be provided with latest CANON cameras, an “empty space” studio, and an editing suite to help complete the task. Films will be shot during the festival and will screen the following night in front of DWF audiences.

If you’re not sure what movies to see, the Geek Lab recommends these two movies:


Blood Punch (Saturday, May 31) – Director Madellaine Paxon and Writer Eddie Guzelian. Milton, a brilliant college chemist, was only supposed to cook meth for one day. Broken out of rehab by a dangerous young woman and her trigger-happy psychotic boyfriend, Milton soon finds himself drawn into a deadly love triangle gone totally haywire in this genre-blending, neo-noir, whiplash of a movie.


Missing Child (Thursday, June 5th) – From writer/director Luke Sabis, A drama/thriller about a young woman, Gia, who never knew her parents. Gia discovers she resembles an age-progressed photo of a child who went missing at an early age. She uncovers secrets and lies in an attempt to find closure to her own unsettled past. The film deals with issues such as child abuse, religious/spiritual identity and personal responsibility. It is an exploration of the dark side of human nature, where self-preservation and self-denial are violently intertwined.

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