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Not a pro or anti war movie, American Sniper is a character study of Navy Seal Chris Kyle and the effects of war and killing on a human being.

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Bradley Cooper stars and produces the story of Navy Seal Chris Kyle in the controversial film, American Sniper. It is unfair to label American Sniper as a pro-war movie. It is a character study of a man who loves his country, loves his family, will do anything to keep the U.S. safe and is obligated to protect and save his fellow soldiers.

Release Date: January 16, 2015
Rated R
Running Time: 2 hours 14 minutes
Director: Clint Eastwood
Writer: Jason Hall
Cast: Bradley Cooper, Sienna Miller

American Sniper follows the life of Chris Kyle starting with his early days as a competitive cowboy. After the event of the Oklahoma bombing, Kyle joins and becomes a navy seal. Kyle is described as an average sniper but with an innate sense to see things that others don’t see. Upon completing his training with the Seals, Kyle meets and falls in love with his wife, Taya (Sienna Miller). After 9/11, Kyle knows he’s going to be sent to the Middle East. His skills as not only a sniper, but as a human is immediately challenged when faced with making a potentially deadly decision about a child running with a grenade.

American Sniper - Sienna MillerThis is not a pro-war movie. In no way are battle scenes glorified. Instead, they are played real with its graphic horrors. As Kyle gains notoriety as “The Legend”, with every kill, a small piece of Kyle’s humanity slowly dies. With each return of Kyle’s four tours, Cooper effectively conveys the PTSD with haunting dramatic silence. That is what this movie is about, even the greatest heroes can not come home from war and expect to be the same person who left.

The shining moment of the film is how Kyle faces his trauma and disorder and becomes a different sort of hero at home.

The one major flaw of the movie is the plastic baby. In one scene of the film, Chris and Taya are having an important discussion about the effects of war on Chris. During this discussion, Bradley is a holding and manipulating a plastic baby. I get it, they needed to get through a heavy discussion and a real baby was most likely problematic. It just sticks out.

Fans of military films will love American Sniper. You will certainly feel a new sense of pride for the men and women, who put their lives on the live for our freedom.

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