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Twinsters is a fantastic story as well as a fantastic documentary. To learn more about the film, check out my interview with Samantha and Jenna.

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Rarely do amazing opportunities just show up out of nowhere. Even so, to have access to a film crew when it happens is even more amazing. For Samantha Futerman, one day would change her life forever and in true guerilla-style filming, it needed to be captured.

Festival: Los Angeles Asian Pacific Film Festival
Running Time: 90 Minutes
Directors: Samantha Futerman, Ryan Miyamoto
Subjects: Anaïs Bordier, Samantha Futerman

In 2013, Samantha received a friend request from a French girl in London. Strangely though, this girl looked exactly like her. With some quick research, Samantha soon discovered that her doppelganger, Anaïs was born on the same day and in the same city in Korea. It appears that this possible twin was split up at birth and given to separate birth parents by separate adoption agencies.

Twinsters has everything you want from a documentary: a compelling story, interesting subjects and something to learn.
Compelling story. Immediately Samantha pulled her friends together to document the events that were about to unfold, and indeed they captured real moments throughout Samantha and Anaïs’ adventure. This adventure includes: the investigation to find out what happened, meeting for the first time in London for Anaïs’ fashion show, and the reaction of close friends and family when the twins first appear together. These reactions are classic.

Interesting subjects. Both Samantha and Anaïs are irresistible people. Their similarities in personalities are fascinating, and their different upbringings are intriguing. The movie is pure joy to watch.  As the fly-on-the-wall, you will have a smile on your face from start to end from this feel good story.

Something to learn. Now that you’ve captured an audience, why not teach them something. The subject of Twinsters is adoptions…more specifically international adoption. When it came to growing up in a family that is not your ethnicity, Samantha and Anaïs both had different experiences coping with looking different but feeling like family. Samantha had brothers who had her back, and Anaïs was the only child of a French couple. It was this experience that lead Samantha and her best friend, Jenna Ushkowitz, to start Kindred Adoption. Kindred Adoption is an organization for adopted children to find resources the need to make the most of the situation life has given to them.

Twinsters is a fantastic story as well as a fantastic documentary. To learn more about the film, check out my interview with Samantha and Jenna. To see Twinsters, go to

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