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You can choose your friends, but you can never choose your family. The friends you chose can help shape and guide your character and your future. Your family will always shape and guide your future for good or for bad.

Dances With Films entrant, The Last Treasure Hunt is the story of siblings, Oliver (Casey Nelson) and Lucy (Kate Murdoch). After a long estrangement, Oliver and Lucy’s eccentric father passes away leaving them the valuable family home on a small New York island. But to receive their inheritance, Oliver and Lucy must take part in a final treasure hunt. A hunt that has been an annual family tradition from childhood.

Dances With Films 2015
Writer: Kate Murdoch & Casey Nelson
Director: Patrick Biesemans
Cast: Kate Murdoch, Casey Nelson, Jeff Grace

Fortunately for audiences, the movie is not about solving a treasure hunt. It’s about facing the barriers family members build between one another to gain independence. It’s also these barriers that often keep us from growing and maturing as adults.

Oliver is the hard working so-to-be family man, who left behind the childish games of his father and the childishness of his sister. Lucy is the girl, who has not yet crossed into the world of adulthood and is doomed to remain daddy’s girl. The two are now forced to work together in hopes of rebuilding, what was once a family. As with most family, pride gets in the way of the family dynamic.

The Last Treasure Hunt is an endearing tale of family, set on a beautiful beach island in New York. Writers/stars Casey Nelson and Kate Murdoch convincingly tell the tale of two squabbling siblings. Their arguments and petty bickering feel real and their inability to get along feels tragic and real.

Jeff Grace also brings much-needed humor to the film as Cousin Alfred. Alfred was the odd-man out of the family trio and often the target of the other’s harmless pranks. Cousin Alfred is also the only family member to remain on the island and offers to purchase the home from the other two.

Director Patrick Biesemans does a masterful job with the pacing and storytelling duties for this independent movie. Cinematographer Michael Ormiston makes the most of his natural surroundings and shoots a beautiful looking movie.

The Last Treasure Hunt’s West Coast premiere was at Dances with Films. To see the film, go to or

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