The Search for Family and Redemption in The Scent of Rain & Lighting – Newport Beach Film Festival Preview

A young woman begins to question evidence surrounding a recently released convict, convicted of murdering her parents. The story plays out in The Scent of Rain & Lighting. The film premieres at the Newport Beach Film Festival today, April 21 at 8:15 pm at The Triangle Cinemas in Costa Mesa.

From acclaimed actor/director Blake Robbins (the award-winning The Sublime and Beautiful), and starring Maika Monroe (Independence Day: Resurgence, It Follows) in a nuanced breakout lead performance, THE SCENT OF RAIN & LIGHTNING features a veteran acting ensemble, including Maggie Grace (Lost, Taken, Twilight: Breaking Dawn), Mark Webber (Green Room, Scott Pilgrim vs the World), Bonnie Bedelia (Parenthood), Will Patton (The Good Wife) and Justin Chatwin (American Gothic).

Evincing an evocative and authentic mood, look, and feel for life in the American Midwest, director Robbins and producer Twenter, who both grew up in Kansas, ground the story with a vibrant emotional authenticity and layered performances from the acting ensemble (Robbins also has a supporting acting role) to create a sophisticated, performance focused drama.

With layered and subtle cinematography from Robbins’ longtime DP Lyn Moncrief, THE SCENT OF RAIN & LIGHTNING portrays the humanity of small town life and one young woman’s search for family and emotional redemption – and how grief, revenge, and family secrets test the strength in an entire community.

There will be a second screening on Monday, April 24 at 4:15 pm.

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