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All New X-Men #22.NOW – Comic Book Review

The first issue of the Trial of Jean Grey starts off strong as the Shi’ar attempt to take Jean Grey into custody. Bendis hits gold with an amazing discussion between Cyclops and Jean Grey.

The arrival of the original X-Men in the present sent shockwaves through the Marvel Universe, but we’ve only seen the effects on Earth. When alien races learn that Jean Grey, host of the destructive Phoenix Force, is back on earth, they do something about it. Now it’s up to the rest of the All-New X-Men and the Guardians of the Galaxy to save Jean Grey from twisted intergalactic justice! Don’t miss two of Marvel’s biggest franchises crossing over for the first time!

Published: January 22, 2014
Rating: Rated T
Writer: Brian Michael Bendis
Artist: Stuart Immonen

Who do you turn to when there’s no one to turn to? Jean Grey finds herself in that situation because no one can relate to her situation. Jean is the only one of the All New X-Men, who knows exactly what is going on. She knows all about the fates of her teammates and she can’t tell anyone.

All New X-Men #22 is the first issue of the Trial of Jean Grey. The alien race, the Shi’ar attempt to take Jean Grey into custody for crimes that her future self would commit, i.e. blow up an entire planet. As exciting as this bit of action is, the real action takes place in the cafeteria, where Cyclops and Jean have it out with Angel caught in the middle.

Jean, it seems, is carrying the weight of the world on her shoulders and Cyclops is trying to be a shoulder to cry on. Instead of accepting the help of her teammates, she feels she has to alienate herself from her team. Ahhh, teenagers.

This is a great issue all around. Bendis has never been better, especially when it comes to writing teenage angst. Stuart Immonen is a master at telling a story with only pictures and the lines from Wade von Grawbadger are sharp and clean. The colors of Marte Gracia does nothing but enhance the drama that is already there.

The next act of the Trial of Jean Grey is in Guardians of the Galaxy, where Sara Picelli takes over the art.

Superior Spider-Man #1 – Marvel Comic Book Review

Writer: Dan Slott
Artist: Ryan Stegman
Rating: 4-Stars

Full Disclosure – I was not an avid reader of the Amazing Spider-Man, but I have a good knowledge of Peter Parker and Spider-Man. At least, enough to get me by.

*** Spoiler Alert *** – I’m going to spoil only the important plot points to this issue.

In order to prepare for Superior Spider-Man, I read Amazing Spider-Man 798-700. Now the spoiler. Doctor Octopus has managed to swap bodies with Peter Parker. Doctor Octopus now controls the body of Peter Parker and has access to all his memories. In a last ditch attempt to take back his body, Peter Parker fails but manages to transfer his emotional memories to Doc Ock. As “Peter Parker” dies, Doc Ock now understands and embraces the concept of “Great Power come Great Responsibility.” Doc Ock now vows to fight for good and Peter Parker in the body of Doctor Octopus dies.

There has been a lot of controversy around this. Since I’m not a full-time reader, I really don’t have a dog in this fight. The first argument is how can Marvel kill off one of their flagship characters and as will all superhero comics, when will they bring him back.

Personally, I’m intrigued by the story line. If DC can revamp their entire line of heroes, why can’t Marvel do it to just one? In Superior Spider-Man, you see a Peter Parker with attitude. He becomes incredibly ambitious in his research and his responsibility as a hero.

The new Peter Parker has a new life. No longer a dying decaying villain  Superior Spider-Man has something to live for. He can date again. He has access to the best scientific resources available.

With this new found life, comes a new found aggressiveness. His design new weapons for Spider-Man, such as finger claws and electronic devices to gain the upper hand on his opponents, in this issue, the New Sinister Six.

With all of this change, there is one noticeable personality flaw of the new Peter Parker…He’s a “dick.”

I’m on board with Superior Spider-Man at the moment, but readers always had sympathy for Peter Parker, will they have sympathy for Doc Ock? That’s the question that the book will need to answer over the next few books.

For those of you completely frustrated with the fate of Peter Parker, read The Superior Spider-Man and you will find hope.