Leading Italian indie developer and animation studio 3DClouds is excited to announce today that they’re juicing up the kart racer genre to its limits with the release of All-Star Fruit Racing on Steam for Windows PC. Still fresh from wowing crowds at Gamescom in Cologne, Germany last month, All-Star Fruit Racing seats players behind the wheel of a speedy kart in the midst of a fruit-fueled fiesta, charging through scores of expertly crafted tracks with power-ups aplenty designed to cause magnificent macerated mayhem. Blue skies and cherry pie — get ready for a fast drive with All-Star Fruit Racing available now on Steam Early Access!

All-Star Fruit Racing employs a unique power-up system unlike other games in the genre, adding a sense of strategy to the carnage on the track. Dubbed “The Juicer,” each kart sports four separate tanks designed to be filled by the power-packed fruit players pick up on track, enabling them to both combine moves and — when all the tanks are full — unlock a unique “Mega Juice” power-up! Players are also given the opportunity to fully customize the look and feel of their characters so they can create their own unique and iconic drivers.

“The Juicer is just one way we’ve looked to bring something different to the karting genre,” said Francesco Bruschi, CEO and Founder of 3DClouds. “There have been some huge kart games over the decades, but there’s no point in following someone else’s path. All-Star Fruit Racing is designed to offer something different, and its run on Early Access should give us the feedback we need to make it an even better game.”

All-Star Fruit Racing includes both single player and multiplayer modes, local split screen with four players, online multiplayer (coming this fall) and an incredible roster of 22 characters to unlock — 11 of which are available from the start of Early Access. Players can challenge themselves today in two different modes, Juicer mode and Classic mode. Additional modes Dragster, Elimination and Elimination Mix will be added later. The easy level of all racing formats (Custom Race, Career, Fast Championship, Custom Championship and Time Attack) are available now, with medium and harder difficulty levels being added soon as well.

Five islands play host to 21 different tracks to ensure players have plenty of challenges to take on as they fight to be the juiciest racer on track. The first two islands, Winter and Summer, are available for play starting today. Another two islands will be unlocked while playing the game; the last island will be released in the coming months.

All-Star Fruit Racing is available on Steam Early Access now (Steam) for $14.99. The full game will be available for $19.99 later this fall.

Long Beach Comic Con is in Full Swing

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Justin Chon’s GOOK Documents the Korean American During the L.A. Riots

Eli and Daniel, two Korean American brothers who own a struggling women’s shoe store, have an unlikely friendship with 11-year-old Kamilla. On the first day of the 1992 L.A. riots, the trio must defend the store while contemplating the meaning of family and thinking about personal dreams and the future.

Alan Ng talks with Gook writer/director/actor Justin Chon about his experience creating Gook and the art of Black and White. Alan also speaks with Justin’s co-stars David So and Simone Baker.

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