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Joyce Wong Interview – Writer/Director of ‘Wexford Plaza’

Wexford Plaza screens in the Narrative category of the 2017 Los Angeles Asian PacificĀ Film Festival.

Synopsis – Nineteen-year-old Betty (Reid Asselstine) toils as a nighttime security guard at a suburban strip mall. Trying to stave off loneliness with failed bids at cyber-flirtation and drunken escapades with co-workers, Betty meets and falls for Danny (Darrel Gamotin), a well-meaning Filipino-American bartender. Danny, a bit lost himself, welcomes her attention, and his mixed signals sets off a series of events that would leave them both worse for wear.

Alan Ng interviews Joyce Wong (Writer/Director) of Wexford Plaza. Her film is showing at the 2017 Los Angeles Asian Pacific Film Festival.