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Walter – Movie Review

As a young boy, Walter (Andrew J. West) was bestowed the responsibility of assigning every person he meets the destiny of whether he or she is going to heaven or hell. Strangely, this responsibility is only known by Walter and us, the audience.

Release Date: March 13, 2015 in theaters and VOD
Writer: Paul Shoulberg
Director: Anna Mastros
Cast: Andrew J. West, William H. Macy, Virginia Madsen, Jim Gaffigan, Milo Ventimiglia, Levan Rambin, Neve Campbell

Walter39Set in Indianapolis, Walter is a simple, OCD adult, who works as a ticket taker at the local movie theater. It is at this movie theater that Walter meets the most people and can cast the most judgment. His world consists of his mother (Virginia Madsen), his boss (Jim Gaffigan), his bullish co-worker Vince (Milo Ventimiglia), the cute concessions girl Kendall (Leven Rambin) and a ghost named Jim (Peter Facinelli). Jim has been roaming the earth for ten years and needs Walter to declare him worthy of heaven or hell.

The movie Walter starts as a quirky comedy about an incredibly quirky guy. But soon you understand that this is a mystery and Walter’s world soon starts to unravel around him. Unable to personally or emotionally connect with the real world around him, the mystery of this movie is to find out why Walter is the way he is. It’s the unraveling of this mystery that makes Walter a fantastic movie.

Brilliantly played by Andrew J. West, he manages to take the very real character of Walter from quirky to cathartic to recovery in a way that is real. When you look back at the movie, you can’t help but think this could happen in real life. You soon realize that this is not some surreal world somewhere in Indiana, but it’s a very real world, and Walter is a real person.

First-time director Anna Mastros directs Walter. She manages to make a movie with a great deal of complexity look simple. She is helped by an amazing supporting cast. Walter’s mother is played by Virginia Madsen. Madsen manages to come across as overprotective at the beginning of the movie to understandably sympathetic by the end. Also as Walter’s therapist, William H. Macy brings to another amazing performance as a therapist Walter destines for Hell, to an actual competent psychologist.

Although Walter has been given an assignment from God, don’t mistake this as a pro or anti-religion movie. Instead take it for what it is, a mystery about a man who’s life has stalled due to a past event and the mystery to be solved to free Walter of his past.