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This Isn’t Funny – Movie Review

This Isn’t Funny is the love story of Eliot Anderson (Katie Page) and Jaimie Thompson (Paul Ashton). It is also a testament to the power of the independent film. If you have a good story to tell; a small budget; and backers, who believe in you, the final product is funny, well-thought out story.

Newport Beach Film Festival
Running Time: 86 minutes
Writers: Paul Ashton, Katie Page
Director: Paul Ashton

Eliot is a young adult, who takes a healthy dose of psych medication in order to cope. She is a talented stand-up comedian by night and struggles to remain balanced during the day. Jaime runs a Juice Shop in Los Angeles.  Having achieved nothing in life, the perpetual traveler Jaime believes he is a failure in life. Elliot and Jaime meet when Jaime crashes his bike into Eliot’s parked car.

Under hostile circumstances, Eliot and Jaime fall in love and immediately clash. While their love is sweet, it’s clear they press each other’s button. Their problem is Eliot and Jaime are pressing the right buttons, but the expected result is emotionally disastrous.

This isnt funny 02This Isn’t Funny is a thoughtful story of love in the day of heightened anxiety and first world problems. The story of Eliot and Jaime is elevated even higher by the best supporting cast I’ve seen in a movie. Eliot’s parents, Joseph (David Pasquesi) and Elaine (Mimi Rogers) are sympathetic characters, who have learned to walk on eggshells around Eliot’s “moment.”

Eliot’s best friends are also stand-up comedians. Russ (Ahmed Bharoocha) and Hannah (Beth Sterling) not only serve as comedic foils to Eliot, but also produce the funniest stand-up moments in the movie. Be sure to stay during the credits and catch Ahmed’s stand-up routine. Trust me it’s worth the price of the movie.

Jaime’s employees offer no help to Jamie at all except for their friendship. Ryan (Edi Gathegi) wishes Jaime would stay in one place. Jaime’s other friend, Mike (Anthony LaPaglia) is all over the place. Mike is a semi-effeminate, always-high friend of Jamie, and you won’t recognize that it’s Anthony LaPaglia until late in the movie.

This Isn’t Funny is a movie of hope. By the end, you hope these two kids can get their “stuff” together and be happy together.