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Hot Pursuit – Movie Review

Hot Pursuit starts with a simple idea. Let’s team up the diverse ends of Hollywood’s hot list, Reese Witherspoon and Sofia Vergara. We should be excited about this team-up, but the movie just does not live up to its potential.

Release Date: May 8, 2015
Rated PG-13
Writer: David Feeney
Director: Anne Fletcher
Cast: Reese Witherspoon, Sofia Vergara

Hot Pursuit 04In Hot Pursuit, Reese Witherspoon is Officer Cooper. Cooper is an ambitious, by-the-book police officer banished to the evidence locker after tazing the Mayor’s son because he called “shotgun” with his friends at a party. Sofia Vergara is Daniella Riva, the wife of a mob informant. Daniella and her husband, Felipe (Vincent Laresca) are in witness protection and about to testify against the mob boss, Vincente Cortez (Joaquin Cosio).

Of course, things go wrong, and Cooper and Riva are on the run hiding from mob enforcers and corrupt police officers. During this “tense” journey, our heroines start off as adversaries, eventually handcuffed together, forced to see the world through one another’s eyes, betray each other and then come to respect the other. In the end, they become the best of friends. Yep nothing new.

I had a few issues with the characters. As a police officer, there is a moment when Cooper can’t climb out of a bathroom window because she lacks upper-body strength. That feels a little insulting to actual female police officers. Vergara plays the wife of a rich mob enforcer. She’s running away from killers but insist of toting a suitcase of expensive shoes. Really? This is a smart comedy? Let’s through this out there. What if you switch the roles of Vergara and Witherspoon? That would be more interesting than this mess.

Hot Pursuit is a formulaic buddy movie with nothing original for the film fan. The script is not very funny. The acting is decent. Fans of Witherspoon and Vergara will have a mildly good time watching the movie played in the background on the television as they get housework done.

Today, audiences expect more from a movie. Hot Pursuit fails as a story. It’s not smart and barely takes advantage of the comedic potential of putting Witherspoon and Vergara in a movie together. As actors, there is no challenge to show why they are good at their craft. It’s almost as if filmmakers just assumed that if you put these two actresses together the result will be an amazing film. Instead, we have an uninspired movie that will get lost on a large shelf of buddy movies. If you want to see a well thought out buddy movie, then grab Lethal Weapon.