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A “Bootleg” Version of Toy Story

This video is amazing, if only for the sheer ambition to pull it off.

I found this news article from the East Valley Tribune in Mesa, AZ – A real ‘Toy Story’: EV friends recreate flick shot-for-shot, in live action.

Two amateur filmmakers, Jonason Pauley, 19, of Gilbert and Jesse Perrotta, 21, met at church and inspired one another to film Toy Story with real props, whether constructed by them or purchased at Goodwill.

Their dream was to one day visit Pixar Studios in California. After completing the film, they sent it to Pixar and not only did Pixar give passive approval of their film but gave them a tour of the studio.

Pixar can not officially comment on fan created content because it might like opening Pandora’s Box. Disney fans are crazy.